Audi UK expands its apprenticeship programme to find future talent

In a bid to find talented individuals, Audi UK plans to increase the annual intake into its UK apprenticeship programme.

Young people wanting to start a career in the UK car industry get the chance to attain formal qualifications while also gaining business experience through on-the-job training at an Audi Centre in the UK. Each apprentice is employed on a full-time basis and given consistent mentoring as well as individual responsibilities and tasks tailored to their role.

Head of customer quality and network development, Jason Cranswick, said: “It’s about us finding, developing and keeping the very best people with both the skill and the will to perform in the leading premium brand way. If we were a premiership sports team we would have the true focus on our youth academy. The Audi Apprentice Programme is our youth academy. The programme nurtures true fans of the brand who can deliver an outstanding customer experience now and in the future.”