Top 3 tips for school leavers

So you’ve left school and it’s big decision time. Your best friend’s off to university, your dad wants you to work for his business, and your brother’s already climbing the career ladder of some big company in the city.

Take a breath. Check out these three top tips for school leavers:

  1. Don’t pay too much attention to what other people are doing. So university might be the best option for your best friend who wants a career in medicine. Maybe you’re other friend is going to uni because they don’t want to miss out on three years of student life. Rather than be a sheep, take a minute to consider what career you want and how to get there. You’d be surprised at how many professions don’t actually ask for a university degree.
  2. Do your research. Use the internet to look at the best ways to get into your chosen career. Reach out to people in management and ask how they got there. Look at university league tables and student ratings of apprenticeship schemes. If you’re planning to do an apprenticeship, learn about your rights and know what’s expected of you before you start.
  3. Listen to careers advice, but you don’t have to follow it. Careers advisors are there to help you make these big decisions and to highlight the options available. What they suggest isn’t gospel; it’s just a recommendation. Talk to your parents, teachers, and peers to get a well-rounded view of all your options.