What does a social media and digital marketing apprentice do?

Check out this testimonial from 18-year-old Rebecca Parker, who joined The Juice Academy apprenticeship programme last year and now works at Tangerine PR:

“I didn’t even consider going to University – it’s not the only option for people my age and I wanted my career to start then, rather than in a few years. I would hate to be saddled with thousands of pounds’ worth of debt and not have one of the most valuable things employers look for – on-the-job experience. I applied for The Juice Academy (the UK’s first social media and digital marketing apprenticeship) and successfully secured a placement with Tangerine PR in Manchester. But that was just the start… Now, I’m ten months into my apprenticeship, I have been offered a permanent position and will be a PR assistant on the 1st October.

“Throughout the year I have learnt an array of skills, attended numerous networking events throughout the North West and developed myself as an individual and a professional. The months of hard work, dedication, a passion for what I’m doing and the drive to learn and achieve, have all paid off. If I had gone to university, I would have only just finished my first year of studying, with at least £9,000 worth of debt, and two more years to endure before starting my career as a graduate. I would highly recommend an apprenticeship to anyone my age.”