Employers call for UCAS-style system for apprenticeships

At a recent panel debate on ‘debunking apprenticeship myths,’ recruitment specialists and employers called for a centralised point where all apprenticeships and vocational routes into work can be found, like the UCAS system for degrees.

Concerns were raised that many schools, parents and students are still unclear about the benefits of an apprenticeship or why high-achieving young people would choose this route over university.

Liz Noble, supervising associate of EY’s schools and undergraduate recruitment, said: “For university courses the UCAS system means students can access information easily. Why isn’t there something like this for alternatives routes?” She also spoke about the importance of employers going into schools to offer more information to students to help them make the best choices for their future.

Rebecca Page, audit trainee at BDO, said that even though the online community around alternative vocational options was strong, “more messages need to be put out through social media and advertising online,” so more students know what’s on offer.