40% of London teens favour apprenticeships over university

According to a new survey from British Gas, 40% of London teenagers awaiting GCSE and A-level results said they were considering an apprenticeship over university.

The poll of 1000 15-19-year-olds found that 58% of those planning to go to university had discussed securing an apprenticeship with their teachers.  Reasons behind favouring the apprenticeship route included avoiding student debt (20%), and getting a higher paid job (15%).

Skills Minister Nick Boles, said: “As this survey shows, school leavers are rightly considering an apprenticeship as a serious option when deciding their future. With over 1.8 million starts since 2010, and our reforms to improve their rigour and quality, apprenticeships are now a respected and rewarding route in to the world of work. We are putting employers in the driving seat of the design and delivery of apprenticeships so they can be equipped with the skills their businesses need to grow to compete.”