The Prince’s Trust urges employers to tackle growing skills gap

The Prince’s Trust is calling on employers to invest in vocational training for unemployed young people after new research found that business leaders are facing skills gaps, which threaten to hamper economic growth.

The report from The Prince’s Trust and HSBC, which interviewed 616 UK business leaders, found that 72% believe that the recruitment of young people into the workforce is vital to avert a skills crisis.

73% of British businesses believe a significant skills crisis will hit the UK within the next three years, while 43% predict this will happen within the next 12 months.

Martina Milburn CBE, chief executive of The Prince’s Trust said: “It is deeply concerning that employers are struggling to fill vacancies when we have hundreds of thousands of unemployed young people desperate for work. The current economic recovery is encouraging, but in order to sustain this growth, UK plc needs to invest in the next generation to avoid a skills vacuum in the future, which threatens to hamper economic growth.”

“We are urging businesses to take action now to up-skill the workforce of the future to prevent the bubbling skills crisis from boiling over.”