Award-winning apprenticeship programme in focus: Thebigword HR

Not being able to recruit talent from local competitors was a factor in creating an award-winning apprenticeship programme, according to language solution providers Thebigword HR director Karen Milner.

The company set up its apprenticeship programme in 2011, with 120 people going through the scheme over the past three years. Almost two-thirds (64%) have gone on to full-time roles in the company.

One of the main reasons behind setting up the scheme in the first place was a need to save money by reducing the necessity to recruit from abroad. Milner told HR magazine:

“The thinking in our sector was often that if you wanted to recruit for the necessary skills you had to go to your competitors. But in Leeds we didn’t really have any local and direct competitors, so we ended up having to go overseas for people. The apprenticeship programme has meant that’s not as much of an issue now.”

Thebigword was last year awarded ‘Large Employer of the Year’ in the Leeds City Council Apprenticeship Awards, as well as being named a ‘Top 100 Apprentice Employer’ nationally and congratulated by deputy prime minister Nick Clegg.