Essex Council to hire two apprentices for in-house legal team

Essex Council is launching a recruitment campaign for two apprentices to join its in-house legal team.

One apprentice will train for an Intermediate Apprenticeship in Legal Administration, and the other an Advanced Apprenticeship in Legal Services, working on civil litigation and property matters.

Philip Thomson, Director for Essex Legal Services, said, with reference to the Advanced Apprenticeship: “This excellent new apprenticeship scheme offered through CILEx is a very exciting opportunity to recruit a young person who hasn’t selected the traditional university route into law.”

Noel Inge, Managing Director of CILEx Law School said: “These apprenticeship schemes are ideal vehicles for local authorities to give real career opportunities to bright young people in their local area. The apprenticeship format allows training to be targeted to specific job roles so that the apprentices will quickly develop into valued contributors to the team.”