AoC research: careers guidance must be hands-on and practical

New research from the Association of Colleges (AoC) in partnership with The Skills Show has found that school children want big changes made to the way in which they receive careers advice.

The report, Careers Guidance: Guaranteed, produced by growth consultancy FreshMinds, identifies four strands necessary for best practice in careers guidance:

  • Relevant local information, provided face-to-face and online, is key to helping young people make good decisions about their future options
  • Exposure to the world of work through Have A Go sessions, like those provided by The Skills Show and The Skills Show Experience, or ‘day in the life’ videos demonstrating what a job involves to improve understanding and motivation
  • Longer-term work experience to help young people prepare themselves for the workplace
  • More direction and structure to careers guidance sessions

Michele Sutton, AoC President, said: “Young people are calling for a more experiential model of careers guidance and want more work experience and Have A Go sessions which help them get a better grasp of what roles in, say, engineering or IT really involve.

“They’re also telling us that they need more practical guidance about how to go about researching jobs they’re interested in, and the steps they need to take. Children turn to their parents and teachers in the first instance and it’s our responsibility as adults to become better informed about the local jobs market to be able to offer more relevant, realistic and timely advice.”