NIACE launches toolkit to boost uptake of disabled apprentices

The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE) has launched a new online toolkit which aims to help more disabled people gain access to apprenticeships.

The Employer Toolkit was developed through consultation with a number of leading businesses. Commissioned by the Skills Funding Agency, the toolkit demonstrates the simple and cost-effective actions that employers can take, including around recruitment and ongoing support, to make their apprenticeship programmes open to disabled Apprentices. There are also details of the business benefits that have followed.

Carol Taylor, NIACE Deputy Chief Executive for Development and Research, said: “As enthusiasm for Apprenticeships continues to grow we must do more to help more disabled people gain access to them. We know that many employers often feel worried or even scared about taking on disabled Apprentices. They can be concerned about being able to provide adequate support, about the law and about what adjustments they might need to make. This toolkit will help to raise employers’ ‘Disability Confidence’ – whether they’re an SME like the cabinet-maker quoted in the report, or a major company like Novartis PLC. It also demonstrates how once employers actively embrace increasing their workforce’s diversity, significant business benefits can result.”