School-leavers urged to apply for apprenticeships early to beat rush

The manager of Plymouth-based Skills Group, Mark Boulting, is urging school-leavers in Devon and Cornwall to beat the post-exam rush and start applying for apprenticeships now, rather than waiting until after summer.

Over 175 apprenticeships are currently on offer across a wide range of sectors. The large number of vacancies means that many employers are willing to offer more competitive packages to bring in the best talent, with many paying over the minimum apprentice wage.  

Mark Boulting said: Employers are having to become more competitive in setting their apprenticeship start times and wages. Many are offering more than the minimum apprenticeship wage to ensure they get the right candidate.

“What we are encouraging young leavers to do is look at finding a position now, but to start later. A lot of youngsters are concerned about accepting a position or going to an interview now, because they have not left school yet. However, in June and July they are competing against thousands of others.

“Businesses are looking to interview and recruit now but are willing to wait until youngsters have left school and even after the summer break, if the youngsters want. Employers will draw up a written agreement for a future start date because there are so many vacancies and they are desperate to get the right type of leaver. Learners can still have their summer holiday but have an apprenticeship start date in place.”

To find out more about the vacancies available, contact Skills Group on 0845 319 4343 or log on to the website