Teachers with knowledge of careers in subject areas will benefit young people

At a recent Guardian early careers summit, in association with Alexander Mann Solutions and RateMyApprenticeship, the results of an exclusive survey revealed that the three main people who influence students’ decisions about further education are parents, teachers and employers.

The survey found that 88% of teachers and 82% of parents think careers advice should be incorporated into the national curriculum. The panel and audience agreed that, to help children to plan their futures, it would be beneficial if teachers had sound knowledge of the job market in their subject areas. Another suggestion from the panel was to have a central place where teachers could go to get the latest job market information and careers-focused lesson plans, to be taught in lessons such as PSHE.

There is no easy solution for ensuring young people get the best careers advice in schools, but the panel did say that greater communication between the key influencers – parents, teachers and employers – and students would be hugely beneficial.