More maths for teens to prepare them for top jobs

Government reforms will see teenagers aged 14 – 16 given an extra weekly maths lesson in a bid to pull pupils up to standards seen in the Far East.

The disclosure is made as part of a new maths curriculum for schoolchildren in England to reflect the demands of tough new GCSEs. Syllabuses, due to be introduced from 2015, will also include real-world problems such as an introduction to financial mathematics.

Elizabeth Truss, the Education Minister, said: “Our new, more demanding and ambitious maths GCSE has more content and will ensure pupils cover more topics than currently, aligning our system much more with world leaders in this vital subject.

“It will mean pupils gain a far deeper and broader mathematical understanding, and will mean they are better placed to study maths post-16 and have the numeracy skills essential for universities and top jobs.

“The amount of time currently given to maths teaching in our secondary schools lags behind the time afforded this key subject in world-leading countries. It is essential this is corrected.”