Getting an apprenticeship in London (Guest Writer)

Check out this guest blog from Jeba Jahan, digital apprentice at Agilisys Arch. Here she shares her own experience of becoming an apprentice in London and her top tips on how other young people can get involved in apprenticeships. 

Looking for an apprenticeship in London may seem daunting at first, but I can tell you from my personal experience it’s not as hard as it may seem.

Apprenticeships are a great way to build the foundation for your career. When you’re young you should explore and apprenticeships allow you to learn and understand the world of work while providing you with support and guidance.When looking for an apprenticeship you need to put pen to paper. Make a list of your hobbies and subjects at school that you enjoy, it can be anything you like no matter how silly you may think it is (there might just an apprenticeship for it!). Narrow your list down by choosing the hobbies/ subjects you would like to turn into a career. Doing an apprenticeship in something you really enjoy will make work fun and maximise your chances of progressing successfully.

There are apprenticeships for just about anything, however if you are finding it hard to decide what apprenticeship you want to get into, visit the National Apprenticeship Services (NAS) website . NAS has all apprenticeship vacancies in the whole country and in many different areas such as digital marketing, hair dressing, IT support, construction etc.

If you know exactly what kind of apprenticeship you want to apply for then go to specific providers that specialise in that sector. If you are interested in IT, digital marketing and web development you should definitely visit the Agilisys Arch website because we are specialists in digital marketing and IT apprenticeships. If you are interested in electrical or plumbing apprenticeships, you could visit the JTL website. NAS also has a selection of different apprenticeship providers on their Roll of Honour and visit the other provider’s websites. Always ask tough questions of the providers you apply through, are they reputable? Are they properly able to deliver your apprenticeship? And what are their training credentials? The main thing is to do your homework!