Tweet and earn: social media apprenticeships

For many teenagers, posting on social media is second nature. That’s why North West teenagers are being encouraged to apply for a number of social media apprenticeships led by the Juice Academy.

Eighteen-year-old Laura Jackson is law firm Berg’s first ever social media apprentice. She said: “Social media is already a huge part of my daily life, so I feel privileged to be using this as a platform for my career. I’m learning something new every day while at Berg and feel like I’m making a positive difference to the company.

“University is not the only option for people my age and I’m glad my career is starting now, rather than in a few years. If I could give any advice to fellow teenagers in a similar position, it would be to give it a go – you never know where the chance might lead.

“By the end of the apprenticeship, I won’t be saddled with thousands of pounds’ worth of debt and I’ll have one of the most valuable things employers look for – on-the-job experience.”

To apply, email or visit before Monday 28th April.