Fancy a career in radio? BBC launches biggest ever apprenticeship drive

In a bid to open the BBC up to people from a  wide range of backgrounds, the BBC has launched its biggest ever apprenticeship scheme on 14th April, offering 45 placements in BBC Radio teams across the UK, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands.

The BBC Local Apprenticeship scheme is a 15 month paid apprenticeship to give young people the chance to kick off their careers in radio.

Many successful broadcasters started work at their local stations, including Huw Stephens, BBC Radio 1. He said: “I never went to university and I got no official qualifications after my A-Levels, but I think just from doing it – getting in valuable experience and learning about how radio works – I’ve learnt on the job. It’s been the best opportunity ever.

I think this apprenticeship scheme is an invaluable opportunity to get that experience because more often than not it’s about ideas, it’s about creativity and it’s about passion and enthusiasm.

I also like that the BBC Local Apprenticeship scheme is not all about the presenters, it’s about really important people – the producers and the people who come up with ideas and the people who put those ideas on air. There’s a wealth of opportunities on offer behind the scenes.”