Clegg announces plans for improved careers advice and UCAS-style vocational website

During a visit to Southfields Academy in South London in the run up to National Apprenticeship Week, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg announced that the government is making plans to improve careers advice for school leavers and access to apprenticeships.

Mr Clegg spoke about plans to develop a ‘UCAS-style’ one-stop shop resource to allow school leavers to better find courses, training and apprenticeships.

Leading independent professional body the ITP was at the event. CEO Ann Potterton said: “Many of Mr Clegg’s comments were extremely welcome, especially his obvious commitment to apprenticeships – which, as he rightly pointed out, are just as valid an option as university. He also spoke about other strong European economies such as Holland and Germany and the way they value their apprentices.

“While we agreed with everything he said, we are keen to find out how the Government plans to enhance apprenticeships – at the moment still many young people do not consider them as a viable option, and some employers feel too daunted to offer them.

“There needs to be more career advice about apprenticeships, and more support for employers who would like to take on an apprentice – only then will they shake off their ‘poor relation’ image, and allow us as an economy to reap the benefits of good quality industry-specific training for the many talented young people that are out there.”