Two thirds of young people say negative press hurts job prospects

According to a survey from think tank Demos, over two thirds of 14-17-year-olds think that negative portrayals of teenagers in the media are affecting their chances of employment.

More than 1,000 14-17-year-olds from England and Northern Ireland took part in the survey, which found that four in five teens felt they were unfairly represented in the media and, 85% of these thought this was preventing them from getting a job.

Becky Brunskill, 18, member of Youth Parliament for Liverpool, says: “We need to show businesses and the media that young people are passionate and want to get involved and make a change. There is always negative press. You see on the news, say five times out of the seven days that it’s on there’s a bad story about young people, so maybe they’re a bit put off because maybe they think we’ll bring trouble to their business. But we won’t.”

Author of the Demos report, Jonathan Birdwell, said: “There is this perception that they [teenagers] are negatively portrayed. Those messages have an impact on how they perceive their job opportunities. The fact that these perceptions are so widespread among young people has to have an impact.”