Private school headmistress voices support for apprenticeships

Charlotte Avery, headmistress of top private girls school St Mary’s in Cambridge, has voiced her support for vocational education alongside more traditional, academic routes.

She said: “There are lots of ways of accessing university and then there are apprenticeships, which I think are terrific. I would absolutely advocate for any girl at this school who wants to do an apprenticeships that that is a good route to go down.”

Former student Florentyne Barrett left St Mary’s after her A-levels to do an apprenticeship at Ernst and Young.

She said: “I knew that after leaving school I wanted to be able to study while I earn so I started looking into apprenticeships. As a trainee associate with the EY School Leaver Programme we have a three week induction and the next step is going into the office. From the outset I have gained valuable experience and have been assigned to clients from my first week in the office allowing me to put my initial training into practice. With my job I do a lot of travelling which has allowed me to grow independently and we are also given a lot of responsibility to manage our time effectively as we also have exams to study for.”