How can apprentices help your business grow?

There are many advantages from bringing eager new people into your business, and apprenticeships now cover more skills and industries than ever before.

Check out these seven benefits an apprentice can bring to businesses that can help turn raw talent into business growth.

  1. A fresh outlook.  Apprentices will spend time on-the-job as well as in training, bringing vibrancy and enthusiasm to the team.
  2. Productivity boost. Harnessing new talent lets you ensure you have the right skills to make your business thrive.
  3. Increased loyalty. The majority of apprenticeships stay with the same employers after finishing their apprenticeships and grow within the company.
  4. Availability. Apprenticeship vacancies have increased at a record rate, with up to 20,000 available at any one time at
  5. Support the wider economy. Combat youth unemployment and skills shortages in certain sectors.
  6. It’s easy. There are many resources out there to help employers find out more about hiring apprentices.
  7. Grants and financial support are available for apprentice employers.