Should startups hire apprentices?

Many small businesses and startups do not have apprenticeship schemes in place. Why? Perhaps they lack time, resources, or are unsure of the recruitment process.

In a recent post for Tech City News, recruitment specialist Lee Dempster explains how the size of a business has no bearing on whether you should hire an apprentice and actually that SMEs are often more likely to benefit.

He says: “For an employer, an apprentice is an especially cost effective way to develop a workforce from the ground up, provides commercial value through their fresh perspective, and has a very positive influence on company morale.

“For an apprentice, a startup provides an opportunity to be involved with a wider variety of professional activities in an environment that is friendly, creative and conducive to collaborative innovation. With a smaller number of staff, apprentices are able to learn more directly from business leaders and decision makers.

“A more important criterion is the employer’s ability to mentor the apprentice throughout the duration of the programme in an environment that has been approved to meet health and safety standards by the apprenticeship provider’s assessor team. The level of training and support that an apprenticeship provider contributes ensures that an apprentice is appropriately self-sufficient for a professional setting, but an employer also has a duty of care to uphold in the case of employing a young person.”