Testimonial from a legal apprentice

Jordan Coulton started his legal services Higher Apprenticeship in May last year at Weightmans law firm, one of the first in the country on this new framework. He thinks that gaining practical experience is far more beneficial and is what most employers are looking for.

He said: “I didn’t want to go to university because I knew it wasn’t for me. I didn’t want to invest all that money into something that I wasn’t 100% certain about.”

 “I’m still working towards a qualification, but it’s great to be able to practise the academic knowledge that I have gained through this study; to apply what I have learnt in a working environment.”

 “At the moment there seems to be the belief that people doing apprenticeships are doing so because they couldn’t go to university. I did get offered a place but I chose not to go because I wanted something different. Almost all my friends went to university, and a few of them have now said they are envious of the position I am in.”

“It you weigh up the cost and the benefits of this apprenticeship compared to university, I am getting more practical experience, which is what employers are looking for. These schemes also supply the economy with skilled workers which is what we need for our economy to keep growing. This route isn’t for everyone; but it’s a valuable and realistic alternative to university and is worth considering for school leavers who don’t feel the latter route is for them.”