London SMEs need to step up and hire apprentices, says Malthouse

Speaking at a Berkeley Foundation and Mayor’s Fund for London Leadership briefing on youth employment, London’s deputy mayor for business and enterprise, Kit Malthouse said that SMEs are not doing their bit to help the NEET generation.

He said: “We have lots and lots of young people who are very willing and interested to get into apprenticeships but in terms of opportunities, those numbers are dropping on a weekly basis.”

Baroness Debbie Stedman-Scott, chief executive of Tomorrow’s People, , said: “I think one of the things we have learnt at Centre for Social Justice is that we’ve got to help young people make a better transition from school to work and identify those who are really at risk of becoming NEET. We’ve got to be to them, what so far, their families and society have not been. Young people want jobs but they want good jobs, they want to feel valued and they want to feel they can turn up at work and they can add value to an employers business.”