Training providers under-delivering on 16-18 apprenticeships

Research by FE Week has found that over 530 training providers under-delivered on their August 2012 16-18 apprenticeship allocations, by a total of £241.5m.

The largest under-delivery was by Pearson in Practice Technology Limited, which was allocated £46.5m in August 2012 but was given £1.4m. The second largest under-delivery was by JTL, which was allocated £17.4m for under-19 apprenticeships, but given £11.1m.

A spokesperson for JTL said: “Increased employer contributions [towards the cost of apprenticeships] in a sector that is only just starting to recover from economy-wide setbacks has meant that many employers have been reluctant to take on a four year commitment.”

A government spokesperson said: “We are radically reforming apprenticeships so that they are more rigorous and responsive to the needs of employers. The small decline in 16 to 18 apprenticeship starts is due to quality improvement measures.”