Apprenticeship numbers could suffer due to funding changes, says expert

Executive chairman of HIT Training Ltd, John Hyde, has said that the changes in apprenticeship funding could result in fewer people embarking on apprenticeships. In a recent article for the Guardian, he says that the changes could results in an 80% drop.

It was recently announced that apprenticeship funding will be in the hands of employers rather than training providers. Hyde calls this decision “misguided “and outlines three reasons why it is a bad idea:

  1. Employers will be burdened with claiming money back through the tax system and will be subject to Ofsted inspections.
  2. Many businesses still don’t completely understand how apprenticeships work and training providers are used to bridge this knowledge gap.
  3. SMEs could be marginalised as they don’t have the time or resources to run their own apprenticeship programmes.

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