3 tips to help your apprenticeship scheme stand out from the crowd

Apprentices can be a real asset to any organisation, but to make sure you can attract the top candidates you need to provide an apprenticeship scheme that is competitive and appealing. Here are some top tips to consider when taking on apprentices to help your scheme stand out from the crowd:

1. Provide great training

It’s important to recognise that those who choose the apprenticeship route do so not just because they want a job, but also to gain access to training and opportunity to gain a qualification. Apprentices want to know you have a good training scheme in place that will support their work and study and will help them progress as they gain more skills. Take advantage of the many help and resources out there to prepare great training that will appeal to the best candidates.

2. Offer a fair package

Even though they are still training, apprentices are taken on as employees, so the apprenticeship needs have a reasonable wage attached to it. The same applies to holidays and other benefits. At minimum, the offering should reflect industry standards and even exceed them if you want to make sure you ware offering a really competitive apprenticeship. It’s good to be really clear about what is on offer and highlight the amount of time you will allow apprentices to devote to college and studying.

3. Get the word out there

No matter how great the scheme you have on offer, it won’t be competitive if nobody knows about it. Get in touch with your local jobcentre, colleges and local papers so they have all the details, making sure to emphasise the strongest points that make your organisation stand out. You should also be ready to go out and talk to students directly, even taking past apprentices with you to let them know face to face what can be gained from a position with your company.


With the right approach, you can make sure you attract the cream of the crop, maximising the benefits of hiring an apprentice for your whole organisation.