Apprenticeship complacency “not an option” says training provider

Apprenticeship training provider W Academy has said that “complacency is not an option” when it comes to apprenticeships. Director Marc Wildes says that attitudes towards apprenticeships, both from employers and candidates, will continue to evolve.

He said: “Funding for apprenticeships remains consistent and opportunities across most industries remain available to school-leavers. Just this week, Nick Clegg has announced that £9.6m will be shared between Leeds and Sheffield to target youth unemployment.”

“Year-on-year, more young people are choosing to undertake an apprenticeship as an alternative to further or higher education. This trajectory will only continue with the increase in tuition fees taking its toll on young debt levels and families.

“Young people are looking at their options at the end of their education and are paying serious mind to an opportunity where they can earn while they learn. We expect to see a steady but continuous rise in the number of apprentices in 2014 as the alternative to higher education gains credibility both in terms of quality and breadth and opportunity to begin earning earlier in a career.”

“There are only a finite number of skilled workers out there available to fill roles. If their skills are in high demand, then they’re already in work. Businesses are recognising the value of taking on someone with the life experience gained in an apprenticeship.

“I predict that employers will continue to recognise that, with an apprenticeship, they can effectively train someone up into one of these positions and are helping to mould a more professional and experienced worker. With state funding and subsidiaries, the cost is much lower than the traditional recruitment process of investing in a trainee or making a lateral hire.”