10 apprenticeship facts for SMEs

As apprenticeships grow in popularity, some businesses are being left behind, unaware of the benefits that apprenticeships can bring. Here are ten things that all SMEs should know about apprenticeships, courtesy of BigChoice.com:

  1. The rise in university tuition fees and competitive jobs market are just a few of the reasons why young people are looking at alternatives to university, such as apprenticeships
  2. Apprenticeships are available in over 170 industries, a number which is constantly expanding
  3. Smaller businesses with less than 250 staff can get help from the National Apprenticeship Service’s Small Business Team
  4. You can tailor the apprenticeship to meet your business needs
  5. Apprenticeships are delivered by a training provider
  6. Apprenticeships let you mould the skills of the workforce
  7. Businesses report back on noticeable benefits such as improved services
  8. Apprenticeships improve productivity
  9. It is a cost effective means of recruitment
  10. Smaller businesses are eligible for grants of £1,500 per apprentice