ONS report reveals nearly 50% of grads in non-graduate jobs

A new report from the office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed that 47% of recent graduates are employed in jobs which do not need a degree.

It found that medical and media graduates were most employable at 95 and 93 per cent although the median salary differs greatly from £45,600 to £21,000.

John Philpott, director of The Jobs Economistconsultancy said: “The pre-recession rates of underemployment of graduate skills in the UK economy were already disappointing – the post-recession rates represent an alarming jump in underemployment and a massive waste of investment in skills.

“These figures further highlight the plight of young people in the jobs market at present. The fact that the unemployment rate for recent graduates (9%) is much lower than that for non-graduates is due simply to the fact that almost half of those who have recently gained higher education qualifications are entering jobs for which they are over qualified, which makes it even harder for the less qualified to find work.”