Seven simple steps of apprentice recruitment

Thinking about hiring an apprentice but not sure how the process works? Leading apprenticeship training provider Arch has put together seven steps to make the process as seamless as possible from start to finish.

1. You decide to employ digital/IT apprentice(s)

2. Arch helps you to develop a job description(s)

3. Arch advertises your apprenticeship vacancies, screens and assesses applicants and refers candidates to you for an interview and work experience

4. You decide which young people you want to take on as your apprentices

5. You line manage them, support them and pay their salary (typically £8k-£10k)

6. Arch does all the off-the-job training, certification and paperwork (funded by Government so no charge to you)

7. The apprenticeship lasts for just over a year – after that, you can choose to employ them or we can help them with their next step

Chris Hobcroft, COO inplaymaker, said: “Our two apprentices are a real pleasure to have around… with a hunger to learn, and an enthusiasm to work hard and do their very best. Feels good to inject some enthusiasm into the team – and also to give them an opportunity to learn and develop their careers.”

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