Are apprenticeships still seen as second best?

New research has been released ahead of a debate hosted by the Royal Academy of Engineering and BAE Systems at the Skills Show, which will explore the perceptions, value and future of apprenticeships in the 21st century.

The study of over 2,000 parents found that 14% of parents of children aged 11 to 18 viewed apprenticeships as second best to university degrees.

Although it found that overall attitudes towards apprenticeships were changing for the better, it highlighted some outdated views, particularly in households with incomes of over £100,000. 12% of these respondents considered apprenticeships to be good options for others people’s children, but not for their own.

Matthew Hancock, Skills and Enterprise Minister, said: “There is still work to do though and we have recently carried out an extensive review of Apprenticeships in the UK. I am looking forward to delivering a reformed system that works even better for employers as well as learners.”