Economy will suffer ‘financial ramifications’ if employers fail to offer apprenticeships

A significant number of long-term unemployed young Britons are giving up hope of ever finding a job and are failing to develop the skills necessary to help ensure the future economy flourishes. Responsibility to counter this by offering apprenticeships and training schemes thus lies in the hands of businesses, a large-scale employer has announced.

Will Davies, founder and MD of property maintenance and refurbishment company, commented: “There are over one million young unemployed in this country and they are becoming totally demoralised by the job market. They have to be given confidence in the training and apprenticeships we can offer them; otherwise, we will be dealing the financial ramifications of our failure for decades to come.”

At we have found that we are getting fewer and fewer applications for junior roles and apprenticeships. We have created our ‘Apprenticeship Boot Camps’ specifically to energise youngsters and encourage them not to give up on their search for work,” he said.

The latest figures release by the Office for National Statistics show that 115,000 18 to 24-year-olds have been unemployed for more than two years and the Prince’s Trust has recently called for urgent government action.

Our young people have been failed by the education system. As an employer I see youngsters leaving our education system every year totally unequipped for the world of work,” said Will Davies

David Cameron spoke last week of his government’s revamp of the apprentice system. More emphasis will be placed on qualification in maths and English, independent assessment and longer schemes.

Having a basic knowledge of maths and English is obviously a desirable aspiration but at the end of the day skills training will better serve our youngsters than more academic requirements,” said Will Davies who is a long-time campaigner for apprenticeship reform.