4 essential qualities an apprentice mentor should have

Many companies looking to introduce apprentices into their company may be interested in setting up a mentoring scheme to help the young workers get settled and further integrate them into the business.

Here are 4 qualities a successful apprentice mentor should boast:

  1. A good listener who offers constructive feedback – Mentors should be on hand to hear out any qualms an apprentice has, and offer them advice and information when necessary.
  2. Someone who isn’t scared of getting stuck in –  In order to ensure the apprentice’s learning is a smooth process, a mentor should work closely with both employer and apprentice to solve any problems which might jeopardise this.
  3. A good role model – As the main person the apprentice will turn to with any professional worries, it is necessary that the mentor provides a shining example of success within the company.
  4. Someone who is realistic – Supporting a young persons dreams and watching them set unrealistic targets are two different things. Ensure the mentor is honest enough to make sure the apprentice doesn’t get carried away and risk becoming disappointed if they fail to reach their outrageous goals.