Apprenticeship funding reforms will deter creative industries, says CC Skills CEO

The CEO of Creative and Cultural Skills, Pauline Tambling, has spoken out against the government’s proposed changes to apprenticeship funding, saying that it will deter arts organisations from hiring apprentices.

She said: “The new system sounds good in theory but there are always challenges. In the short term I feel that our sector’s employers will be put off and specifically I think we’ll need to spell out how a tax-related scheme would work.”

She said that it was important to have industry-wide frameworks for training: “If there are, for example, 100 theatres doing this, we don’t want 100 different frameworks. We want one framework that we all sign up to. It will be important to young people that they have common apprenticeships so that they can move from theatre to theatre.”

A spokesman for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, said: “Our consultation on the future funding of apprenticeships closed earlier this month and we are currently analysing all the responses we received. We will take these opinions into account to help us design a system which works well for all businesses as well as apprentices. These reforms will ensure employers have greater control of government funding and will raise the bar on quality.”