Editorial apprentice in the “perfect position”

Young people no longer need a university degree to achieve their dream job.  In the following testimonial, KM Media Group apprentice Dan Wright explains why an apprenticeship was the best route for him.

“When I finished sixth-form in June this year with some very strong A-Levels, the prospect of bank balance-busting university did not appeal. That said, landing a full-time job was not the easiest of tasks either. That was when the KM apprenticeship arrived and provided a fantastic opportunity. Now I’m working in a real office environment across the company with NCTJ journalistic training at Lambeth College to boot. Today I am working in a proper environment and gaining first-hand experience – not trapped in a university lecture room learning ‘how’ to work.

“Throughout sixth-form I built up my journalistic experience in the motorsport industry, interviewing motor racing converts Sir Chris Hoy, Boyzone’s Shane Lynch and Olympic cycling star Jason Kenny.

“But when A-Level studies finished my dream journalism job was hard to come by. To be in this position is fantastic and shows how apprenticeships should not be dismissed, by any youngster, especially in these tough economic times.

“The apprenticeship offers me first-class training, vast experience in various KM offices and a competitive salary. I’m working for an industry-recognised NCTJ diploma and a chance to break into the media world without facing massive university fees. It is the perfect position that should take me far – and I am certain it will.”