Manchester Law School opens its doors to apprentices

Manchester Law School, part of Manchester Metropolitan University, has joined forces with CILEx Law School to provide new Legal Services Apprenticeships to big firms including Pannone, Weightmans and Hill Dickinson.

31 students have been accepted on to the scheme so far and five students have already begun their studies. Apprentices will gain a salary of £12,000 alongside gaining both technical and competence qualifications awarded by the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) within 18 months.

Senior lecturer Amanda Isles said: “Level Three Advanced Apprenticeships in Legal Services are a great new opportunity for those embarking on a career in law, to work while they learn. As apprentices they will undertake on the job learning in a law firm and be assessed in the workplace as well as completing more traditional learning in the classroom.

“Uniquely, the apprenticeship delivered by MMU and CILEx Law School additionally gives the apprentices the opportunity to study elements of the first year of an LLB (law degree). The apprentices were extremely keen and excited about the opportunity to be able to learn, earn and contextualise their learning in a practical working environment.”