Are Job Centres failing young people?

Job Centres in the UK need to do more to promote training and apprenticeships, an apprenticeship campaigner has announced.

Will Davies, co-founder of property maintenance and refurbishment company, said: “Job Centres are quite simply failing job seekers and especially young job seekers. Young people can spend months with Job Centre staff but when they turn up for job interviews at sometimes they don’t even have a current CV.”

A report published by the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) has criticised Job Centres for focusing more on getting young people off jobseekers allowance register rather than getting them into employment.

Davies continued: “There are over one million young unemployed in this country and they are becoming totally demoralised by the job market. They have to be given confidence in the training and apprenticeships we can offer them. Otherwise, we will be dealing the financial ramifications of our failure for decades to come. I can only urge other employers that if they can give young people an opportunity to demonstrate how keen they are to work; they will be astonished with the results.”