Traineeships gain £20m funding boost

An extra £20m of funding has been injected into the government’s new traineeships scheme, which aims to prepare young people for the world of work or apprenticeships through teaching key skills and providing high quality work experience. Since its launch in August, over 500 training providers and 150 companies have promised to employ trainees.

Skills Minister Matthew Hancock said: “Traineeships give young people the helping hand they need to compete for Apprenticeships and other jobs. The programme is off to an excellent start with strong backing from employers and training providers. We have responded to this demand by providing additional investment and in time traineeships will become the clear route for young people looking to get the crucial grounding they need in the world of work.”

Chris Starling, Head of Apprenticeships, Virgin Media said: “Traineeships are a great opportunity for both parties, not only can the employer get to know the trainee but the trainee can get real exposure to the type of career that is available and make an informed decision that is best for them.”