Motivating your apprentice – top three tips

When you bring an apprentice on to your workforce, it is useful to bear in mind that it may be their first ‘real’ job and therefore a fairly daunting experience. Therefore it is important to involve them from day one, assigning them with practical tasks and objectives to complete. If an apprentice feels expendable, there’s a good chance you’ll lose them.

Here are three top tips to ensure that motivation levels are kept high throughout their apprenticeship, which will hopefully improve company loyalty.

  1. Encourage responsibility. Assign personal, significant tasks which you can oversee, giving them a sense of purpose.
  2. If apprentices are underachieving, address the situation positively and professionally, outlining where they can improve and setting out clear goals.
  3. Provide support throughout their apprenticeship. Assign a mentor, perhaps an old apprentice, who can be the apprentice’s first point of contact for any questions they might have. Hold regular meetings to see how they are getting on.