Firms should create more positions at entry level to tackle youth unemployment

The EY has plans to employ 700 graduates, 500 undergraduates and 150 sixth formers is a range of roles over the next month, many of these tech related. In a recent article, Richard Holway applauds this action and shares his passion for the creation of entry-level jobs. Employers have a duty to young people; rather thanignore youth unemployment, they should address it head on.

Holway thinks that the tendering process for every HMGovt contract should ask about entry-level job creation and that firms should be encouraged to encouraged to publicise their job creation activities in their Annual accounts. Companies which create opportunities for young people should be applauded and those who don’t, shamed.

Ben Rowland, Deputy Chairman at Agilisys Arch said: “Agilisys has created its own specialist apprenticeship division, Arch, whose purpose is to open up careers for school leavers in IT and digital roles. We agree with Richard Holway’s views entirely: it is vital that firms follow the likes of Agilisys, Accenture and IBM and create more roles at entry level and in the immediate rungs above. Not only does it address the shocking UK youth unemployment statistics, but it does wonders for the employing firms’ productivity and cost-effectiveness.”