A few dos and don’ts to nurturing apprenticeship success

Firms are increasingly turning to apprenticeship schemes to give their businesses a boost. However, while there are many advantages to an apprenticeship, there are also some pitfalls that must be avoided. Here are some dos and don’ts to help you along your way.

  1. Do invest in the apprentice’s training. It may be expensive up front, but in the long term this will benefit both the apprentice and the firm.
  2. Don’t hire a whole army of apprentices at once. This will be harder to manage and less valuable long term. Think quality, not quantity.
  3. Don’t throw them in the deep end. Provide them with a mentor so that they can report on how they’re getting on. Hold regular meetings to discuss how they’re coping with their role.
  4. Don’t turn a blind eye to current employees. Apprenticeships usually go to school leavers, but you can also use the scheme to train up pre-existing employees. This will also make your employees feel more valued and boost morale.
  5. Don’t view apprentices as cheap, short term labour. Apprenticeship schemes are long term programmes to develop your employees. They are part of the fabric of your firm, embrace it.