AELP responds to Oftsted report

In September 2012, schools were told they must legally provide careers advice to 14-16 year old students. Ofsted published a report reviewing how schools were implementing this law on 10th September. Stewart Segal, chief executive of the Association of Employment and Learning Providers, responds to the publication below:

“AELP is pleased that Ofsted has highlighted as good practice schools inviting local employers and training providers to come in and give presentations to pupils about apprenticeships and other vocational options.  We hope that the government’s revised guidance emphasises that this practice should be followed by all schools, including those with sixth forms, because we are seeing more students with good A level results as well as GCSEs choosing apprenticeships over university.”

“Training providers can play a key role in making links with local schools and in supporting employers who want to build relationships with schools and sixth form colleges.  This report should lead to schools and colleges being more transparent in terms of the careers advice offered and more welcoming to input from training providers and employers.”