5 tips for apprentice recruitment

More and more employers are seeing the benefits of bringing apprentices into the workforce. But how do you know when an apprentice is right for your company? Alison Franklin, Team Leader with the Reed NCFE Partnership at Highbury College, shares her five top tips for recruiting the right apprentice.

1. View the apprenticeship as a long term investment. They generally take between one and two years to complete. Have proper plans in place to mentor, manage and train your new recruit.

2. Take your time. Think about the type of person your business needs. During the interview process think not only about their skills but whether they will fit in. If in doubt, ask them for a second interview.

3. Have they got the right mindset? Skills can be taught but a mindset cannot. Many companies believe that the right mindset is far more important.

4.  Embark on the right apprenticeship programme for your organisation. It is a waste of time to invest in training which isn’t right for your company.

5. Be patient. Expect the odd mistake, after all, the apprentice is in training and is constantly learning. Have regular meetings to keep them on track.