There is “nothing better than an apprenticeship” says BAE chief

Managing director of BAE Systems’ Military Air and Information business Chris Boardman has swapped places with an apprentice, Mark Powell, to see exactly how the apprenticeship programme works.

According to the Lancaster Evening Post, Chris Boardman began his career as an apprentice with the company. BAE Systems strongly supports the apprenticeship scheme and is taking on 83 apprentices this September.

Chris Boardman said: “I believe there is nothing better than an apprenticeship for giving people the right skills to do the job. It gives our young people a great foundation in life. Every time I meet an apprentice, I am always proud of not just the skills we give people but the ability for them to stand out in society. They speak with confidence and deal with issues and I think a lot of that comes from what they get from trainers and the people who help give them these skills.”