AAT student offers advice on how to get the best out of an apprenticeship

On an apprenticeship programme? Really want to make the most out of the opportunity, stand out from the crowd and progress your career as quickly as possible? Perhaps you are an apprentice employer looking to give your new apprentice some valuable advice?

Either way, here are some top tips from Bradley Phillips. Bradley is currently on a business administration apprenticeship at AAT.

1)    Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions

It’s better to ask questions than presume you know. The more questions you ask, the more you’ll learn and you will ultimately make fewer mistakes in the future. Also asking questions shows your colleagues and bosses that you are genuinely interested in your role and the overall organisation.

2)    Be proactive

Don’t wait for work to come to you, be proactive and approach colleagues. Ask if they need a helping hand, show that you want to learn new tasks and learn more about the projects they may be involved with. Colleagues always remember those that go the ‘extra mile’.

3)    Study hard

Not many people like exams, but on an apprenticeship programme it’s important to show your employers that you are committed. It gives employers faith that you are taking your qualification seriously and you value the importance of the ‘theory’ that you are putting into practice in the business. Nothing stands out more than glowing exam results!

4)    Admit when you’ve made a mistake

Everyone makes mistakes. When you make a mistake always admit it. Not owning up to it will mean that someone else will have to deal with it later down the line and will cause bigger problems. Colleagues and bosses admire those that come forward and admit their mistakes, offer solutions and learn from it.

5)    Always have a professional positive attitude

Colleagues always want to work with someone that has a positive can-do attitude. If you are productive in the workplace and are determined to succeed then you will naturally stand out from the crowd. Most, if not all employers are interested in investing in apprentices that have the right attributes and are liked by others within the business.