Unknown truths of apprenticeships for small businesses

Research has shown that in 2013, small businesses are less likely to employ apprentices than larger organisations. HR Manager at Fiander Tovell LLP Fiona Harwood has seen the benefits of apprenticeships first-hand, and thinks that small businesses are wary of hiring apprentices because they think it will take a long time and that the apprentice will need a lot of support.

In a recent article for realbusiness.co.uk, Fiona dispels some of the unknown truths that surround apprenticeships for small businesses:

  1. The size of the business is irrelevant. Any company large or small can hire an apprentice.
  2. Appointing the right mentor is important. It could mean the difference between the success and failure of your scheme.
  3. You can find plenty of support. The National Apprenticeship Service offers a step by step guide that helps businesses to connect with training providers, advertise vacancies and find the right candidates for their programme.
  4. It’s worth it! Apprentices will gain job specific skills to succeed in their chosen industry. They are likely to stay loyal to your business and progress within your company.