Birmingham apprenticeship campaign exceeds its target

A campaign to create 1,000 apprenticeships in Birmingham in 100 days has exceeded its target and created 1459 new job opportunities, it has been reported.

The National Apprenticeship Service, Birmingham City Council and other local partners headed the campaign, which was launched in April this year. This is the city’s third campaign of this type, but this year the target was set five times higher.

Karen Woodward, Divisional Apprenticeships Director, Skills Funding Agency said: “This year we decided to be more ambitious than ever because there really has never been a better time to take on an apprentice. Apprenticeships are thriving with significant Government investment and there is currently financial assistance of up to £3,000 available to help Birmingham employers cover the costs of hiring an apprentice. Although this particular campaign has come to an end, this funding remains available. So there is still plenty of support for other employers to get involved.”

Karen Woodward concluded: “For a strong and growing economy we must have a high level of skills to meet employer demand, and Apprenticeships are a vital way of achieving this. We want Apprenticeships to become the new norm for ambitious young people and expanding businesses, the success of this campaign has taken us another step forward in achieving this.”