Report highlights apprenticeship inequality in Scotland

A new report has been published by The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) in Scotland which looks into inequalities in accessing apprenticeships.

The report shows that under 0.5% of apprenticeship places are filled by disabled people and less than 2% by ethnic minorities. The report also highlights gender inequality as women occupy less than 2% of roles in engineering or construction.

Alastair Pringle, EHRC Director in Scotland, said: “The Scottish Government has invested a great deal of money in developing the Scottish economy by boosting the skills of its workforce. It is therefore disappointing to see that the profile of apprenticeship opportunities is a very old one – men doing the “heavy work” like building; women doing the “softer work” like caring and teaching; and disabled people not having much work at all. If we are to emerge from the recession successfully, we need to harness the talents of all of Scotland’s people.”