The Apprentice winner Tim Campbell discusses UK apprenticeships

Winner of The Apprentice 2005 and Apprenticeship Ambassador to Boris Johnson, Tim Campbell, has spoken out regarding improvements to apprenticeships in the UK.

In an interview with BDaily, Tim predicted a 50% rise in apprenticeships over the next five years. He said that the Government is doing its bit to support apprenticeships, but more information needs to be provided to employers and parents so that they fully understand apprenticeship schemes.  Additionally, he predicted that while apprenticeships can benefit a wide range of sectors, the finance sector, consultancies, and engineering firms will be the ones to take full advantage.

Tim said: “The robust evidence that’s come back from the likes of Warwick University and others has shown that apprentices are, if not as productive, more productive [than graduates].  People are now proving how providing apprenticeships is good for business. It’s moving away from a social responsibility initiative and becoming more of an HR and finance initiative to find the best talent at the most efficient rate, and to find individuals who are going to stay with the company.”