Parents lack knowledge of apprenticeships, new study from AAT reveals

New research from AAT has revealed that over half of parents in the North West wouldn’t be able to explain an apprenticeship to their child, highlighting the lack of understanding surrounding the vocational pathway.

The study revealed that 74% of parents in the region didn’t know a higher apprenticeship equalled a university qualification. 83% of those surveyed predicted that the higher apprenticeship salary at a top firm like KPMG was a lot less than the actual figure of GBP20,000.

The study also highlighted outdated views, such as apprenticeships being more suited to boys and the less academic.  These worrying figures could be an obstacle for the Government’s vision of making apprenticeships a viable alternative to university degrees.

Jane Scott Paul, chief executive of AAT, said: “We have a long way to go to change parents’ views on higher apprenticeships and this is especially important because parents have a big, if not the biggest, influence over their child’s future.

“Half of parents think they are well informed about the various options out there for their children, but our research clearly suggests otherwise. Apprenticeships are being overlooked because parents’ knowledge is incomplete and based on archaic stereotypes. Alternative options for young people will only become sought after when we change perceptions.”